Espresso Martini

Sweet Espresso Martini

We love mixing antioxidants into our beverages. This special treat offers a little pick me up after a long week or a decadent meal. Our Sweet Espresso Martini is a combination of rich coffee flavors, Irish creme liquor and our Bumbleberry Farms honey (of course!). So let's begin!


1oz Espresso Vodka or regular Vodka
1oz Irish Creme (try Baileys line of options!)
1oz Fresh Brewed Espresso (cooled)
1/2oz Bumbleberry Farms Honey

Honey Straws Bumbleberry Farms Raw Wild Clover Honey

Mix it up!

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice.

Add espresso vodka, Irish cream, espresso coffee and honey. Shake vigorously to ensure honey distributes evenly throughout. 

Strain into a large martini glass. Garnish with coffee beans.

Enjoy with Chocolate! 

It's always best to snack while sipping alcoholic beverages. We suggest offering our Talkabout Truffles made with Bumbleberry Farms Chocolate Honey Cream Spreads. Or a charcuterie board featuring honey to drizzle and our Sweet Orange Cardamom Honey Cream Spread.

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