Prosciutto, Pear & Parmesan Sandwich

Prosciutto, Pear & Parmesan Sandwich

This savory and sweet sandwich will leave you longing for another bite! Make lunch a meal to remember with the Prosciutto, Pear and Parmesan Sandwich recipe. Perfect for luncheons, but just make it for yourself!

Pear Prosciutto Parmesan Sandwich




  1. Layer the bottom slice of the ciabatta with arugula, prosciutto, slices of pear, a thin slice of parmesan cheese. Drizzle a bit of olive oil on top. Add a bit of salt and fresh ground pepper.
  2. Spread Sweet Maple or Caramel Pear Cardamom Honey Cream on the top of the ciabatta.
  3. Cut the sandwich in several pieces and serve.
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